charleston fiddle bluegrass

Great grandfather, "Pa Brown's fiddle' 
WJ Brown fiddled at local square dances before becoming a Baptist minister in Stokes County, NC. He was known to be non-denominational -preaching a wedding or funeral wherever it was needed.. His funeral brought hundreds of people to celebrate him. He stopped playing the fiddle when he became a minister, and eventually the fiddle was sold out of the family. My aunt Wilma tracked it down, and I now have and play it.

Will and Mary Jane McGee
     This photo always makes me smile. My great grandparents and their 16 children. My grandpa, Glenn, is 5th from the left. Will played the fiddle left handed, and handed down remnant tunes from his Scotch-Irish heritage to his kids. Cub, Roscoe, Gray, and Ralph played fiddle, and Roy, Glenn, Alex played guitar, William played tenor banjo and Tink played piano.
     Having gotten to know most of my great uncles and hearing how they were raised, makes me wonder how much we have really advanced as a society. It was a beautiful life they had being raised in the countryside,all depending on one another and growing their own food.

  1. Nana and Papa
    Nana and Papa
  2. Nannie McGee c.1941
    Nannie McGee c.1941
  3. Grandmother goofing around
    Grandmother goofing around
  4. Uncle Cub
    Uncle Cub
  5. Uncle Ralph
    Uncle Ralph
"Just Passin' Through, with a grain  of salt in everything I do."